Olivia Turner

Olivia is a professional photographer based in Wanaka and operates commercially as IMAGE Photography & Design throughout New Zealand.

Olivia gained a Diploma in Digital Imaging in 2005 and a Diploma in Professional Photography in 2007. Since then she has owned her own business and worked for two of the best photographic companies in Australia. Specialising in many genres of photography, Olivia has gained a reputable name for her ability to understand people and light. She creates ageless images, and the artwork is made to stand the test of time to be passed on for generations to come.

Since high school Olivia has actively pursued her dream of being a self employed professional photographer. At the age of 23 this dream came to life. Trading as 'Olivia Turner Photography' from 2009-2014 then rebranding to 'IMAGE Photography & Design' to create a more dynamic service with endless possibilities as her great reputation and client base grows.

There is no genre untouched, enquiries are welcome and pricing readily available on request.


Diploma in Digital Imaging, 2005
Diploma in Professional Photography, 2007
NZIPP Iris Awards 1 silver, 2 bronze, 2007